Some estimates say that we reach the point of no return for our environment by 2035. Meanwhile, global superpowers are looking to bring the first humans to Mars, which could sustain human life and therefore is ready for colonization, according to experts. So instead of curing this planet we go to the next and do it all over again. And who are ‘we’ anyway? There are over 8 billion people on earth, and the majority never comes close to traveling to another country, let alone planet. Only those who can either afford it or prove they are of indispensable value may get a chance to go. I pose the question to the ‘lucky ones’: You now have the opportunity to do it all over again, will you do anything different?

This question has been on my mind for years. I feel a deep sense of regret for a number of choices I’ve made in life, some of which I cannot undo or alter. Even if I would escape to a distant planet, these feelings wouldn’t just disappear, but follow me like a second shadow.

On Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, large volcanoes line the horizon, their surface a blend of reds, browns and blacks. Saharan dust is transported across the Atlantic on the warm winds known as calima. I wanted to make this project on Lanzarote, because it looks like Mars. Here I started coming to terms with the decisions I made in my past. All over again examines the crossroads of our physical world and the one we inhabit in our minds, and what it means when we enter the future before dealing with our past.

Chapter 1: Beginnings