The Altiplano, a region so otherworldly yet full of life it can only be a creation of who the Incas believed to be everything: Pachamama. Mother Earth. Altitudes over 3000 meters leave you gasping for air. Tire tracks become distant mirages, leading deeper into the landscape. Dormant volcanoes line the horizon, their snow-capped peaks reaching well over 6000 meters. Salt flats mark the location of evaporated lagoons. Extraordinary rock formations pierce the thin air. Eroded by the howling afternoon winds and winter downpour, these lands seem to exist solely in the imagination of an abstract painter or on the surface of sci fi world. For centuries, indigenous peoples have used their ingenuity and wisdom to domesticate animals and cultivate these high plains, but the extreme conditions have driven many to urban areas. On the Altiplano the balance between humanity and nature is always at the mercy of Pachamama.

Shot on 35mm film.