Beginnings marks our arrival on a new planet. Quivering, we take a step into a world unknown. We’ve made preparations, but everything remains uncertain. There is no way back, we can only go forward. Simultaneously these images represent my first attempts in unfolding where my deep rooted sense of regret comes from. My journey is charged with obscure thoughts and clouded memories. But every small discovery provides a bit of understanding and carries in it a little hope for progress.

I, perhaps naively, imagined I would find many answers in one month on the island. It turns out, I found only one: Answers come by asking the right questions, and each answer is a phase in the process, a chapter on its own. Beginnings is the first chapter in a series that will follow the process of comprehending the origins of my regrets. At the same time the work aims to unravel the ethical dilemmas of starting somewhere new when we already fail miserably in taking care of what we have.

The images in this chapter are all hand printed in the darkroom, to emphasize how things slowly reveal themselves when you embrace the process.

Beginnings was shot during my three week stay as an Artist in Residence at Hektor Lanzarote, a residency that aims to use their plant-driven estate to create a better and more creative world by reducing impact. Since the owners only recently started this sustainable project from scratch it provided a close connection to the narrative of my work. The work will be on show at the residency during their official opening and the following weeks.