For a few years I’ve been talking about it and now it’s finally going to happen. For six months I’m traveling along the Andes mountains, looking for the best of my photographic self. In these landscapes, others have left traces of hope, dreams and prosperity. The people here interact with the landscape in a way we can’t imagine, ultimately creating an environment deemed appropriate for living, supported by mystery, tradition and Pachamama.

I’m here to document the borders between man-altered landscapes and the relentless nature of the Andes. I need your help to support my trip, and in return you can be a part of it. I offer limited edition prints of the photographs I post to Instagram. Not just limited editions, but unique, one of a kind prints which I will never reproduce. That’s a promise. Other promises: 15×21 cm, digital print on 270gr satin, signed by me.
Price € 60,- including shipping, payable via bank transfer or PayPal