Five continents on an island that is roughly the size of Holland and Belgium combined. Here, a slow train takes you from the bustle of the capital city Colombo to the lush central highlands, characterized by tea plantations, holy shrines and dense rainforest. Legend says that Buddha placed his sacred foot on Adam’s Peak, right in the center of the Hill Country. Following the winding roads further east, lavish green makes way for pristine white beaches, remote fishing villages and soaring temperatures. In no country you find as many mosques, churches and temples side by side. This hasn’t always been an ordinary sighting, as civil war tore the country apart for decades. Here it is also where the 2004 tsunami made thousands of victims crashing on the southeast shore of the island. These happenings will never be forgotten, but the Sri Lankan people have a way of dealing with tribulation. The men and women never failed to smile, always ready to help when necessary, maintaining an incredible calm. Sri Lanka leaves you breathless with its breathtaking scenery, divine curries and uplifting spirit.